From Waves to Shore Live Demo

by From Waves to Shore

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released February 19, 2015



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From Waves to Shore Saint Thomas, Ontario

3 Piece band from St. Thomas Ontario Canada. After resigning from NLSD, Trevor and Shawn teamed up with Lead guitarist of No Honour Amongst Thieves to form a Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains cover band. While playing local shows Shawn, Tom, and Trevor starting writing their own material. Once having enough material the band started playing shows. ... more

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Track Name: A Way to Relieve
lets unpack our bags and settle down by the sea
the cool nights are getting warm as the season sets in
I trust in you deeply as you repelled me from within
rearrange for our location, its hard to be homeless
when you live to be free

or even living in between
your parents spare bedroom or the sidewalk of the streets

I know that i don't have a home thats made for me
cause I don't really need a home travelling around the world
if thats what isn't made out for me to be free
I'll still keep living while were dying or until you see me
giving up on the world

when you see me on this journey as you pass by
I wont ask where your going, it would ruin the right
Of not knowing where were going when we decide to leave
what yet is so simple and leads on through people
as we try to relieve

Ourselves from staying the same
by finding new parts of the world to make us feel change

theres nothing like leaving to soon
when you haven't even seen it all
there could be more made out for you
reach out to the world
find what is yet so simple
that can help you while you are here

You might feel stuck inside of your 4 walled figure frame
just open up to the world and be free with the movement of change, YAH!
Track Name: Poem
I can't get my foot through the door
I try so hard and don't ever want to give up
giving up would be my way of welcoming death
which right now I do not care for
as of right now I try so hard
I welcome relief and a death I can wait for
as I try to see how I can be
with never ending promise of a way to releive
yet I am here and will keep on going
for the years that I will be left here for
may my door stay open and let my foot in some more
Track Name: Still In This Place
where we've lie down
where do we go now
our ships have sailed, we've swept away
back and forth many times, I can't believe we're still in this place

where do we go, I want to know
I'm dying here, I don't believe I'm seeing clear
what do we do, I want to do it
just let me know if I can help you to it

we can hide
or we can decide to release ourselves
into the wild, I like your style
oh come on girl, you know you have such a devious smile

on the rise, caught by suprize
a disgrace by our demise
we want to ride, open your eyes
this place wont keep us alive

where do we go now
Track Name: For The Life of Me
For the life of me I wont give up on you
even if you dont want to keep that heart beat up
I wont subside, We can fight to make things right
There are few of us that are giving when there should be more of us that are trying
I wont back down on you id like to be by your side to
but to be by your side for the first time since that one drunk night
well it would be so nice, to hold you in my arms
desperation and the desire her eyes that look and my world on fire

you looked at me then crept away
just stand up and say it stand up and say it
why even run away and come back another day
stand up and say it but you know that you got it your way