She Tells Her Friends

by From Waves to Shore

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released June 23, 2015

Shawn Palmer - Acoustic guitar/Lead Vocals/Harmonica
Trevor Bale - Bassist
Thomas Loewen - Percussion

Engineered - Jimi James (London Indie underground)
Mixed - Matt Dyer
Mastered - Siegfried Meier (Beach Road Studios)



all rights reserved


From Waves to Shore Saint Thomas, Ontario

3 Piece band from St. Thomas Ontario Canada. After resigning from NLSD, Trevor and Shawn teamed up with Lead guitarist of No Honour Amongst Thieves to form a Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains cover band. While playing local shows Shawn, Tom, and Trevor starting writing their own material. Once having enough material the band started playing shows. ... more

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Track Name: Floating Backwards
Sometimes you can't rely on what you desire the most
floating backwards into the darkness of lost hope
determind to hold on to what can truly make you happy
but being happy won't make the world round
so shout it out now, let it out
just let it all out, come on let it out

As we scream at the top of our lungs
we'll try to keep up with the things well above
our limits to how much we give in
we know we'll never give up whether were living or we dream it
while we pass on through each day
we can leave but we'd have to escape
some kind of conformity
I tell my self over and over again

who cares about your bitchin' we aint fucking snitchin' cops are dirty pigs
greasey stains are left in the kitchen
Track Name: So Cold At Night
It can get so cold at night
I get this feeling that I'm in this alone
I've shown my face around your place
we know we didn't take it far from here
though I guess we hardly even tried
I'm dying to know what were here for
the pressure we take while we consume more
it's building up inside of me
our bodies rot while we push ourselves to see more
and more... when we can't even figure out why

I know it's not the time
or the types of things that I'd usually talk about
but before it slips my mind
I'll try to explain how things could have been better for you
we know not all of us are willing to be introduced
to a bigger world or outside of this universe
If only we all knew about our intelligence
and how we could exchange our perception

we also can't really explain
the reactions from natural disasters
you look confused about who to blame
when your living in the ruins of what was once your shelter
and you know that you'll never get it back
even though we'll all help or try
but you can't compare your home to a new design
memories and moments like this
are the only times we question why we exist
and what are we here for? fuck it who really cares...
Track Name: She Tells Her Friends
Another bottle breaks on the floor
the broken glass says a lot more
than what she's said to me all dam night
she left the room but she won't leave my site
I don't care if she's not the one for me
cause I know that I'm not the one to be
caught up by the way that she moves
I know she wants me and I want her to

And all of her friends that she tells were both just friends
are going around telling stories about how we'd hook up and then
the stories go around and grow, they tell it to others but the truths not yet been told
and all of her friends that she tells were both just friends
they go around making fun of how we were never ment
yet when were together were more than whats to see
she took my hand and it felt like so much more to me
(she grabs my hand, laughs, and says "your stoned")

when were together whether theres other people
what they think doesn't have to be meaningful
We could still fuck and pretend
nothing happend and that were both just friends
when it's night and she needs to fall asleep
takes off her clothes in my room down to her feet
bare skin both in my bed
there was no sleeping and I'd do it all over again

they all talk and say whatever
its doesn't matter once you put it all together
from what I've seen , which was nothing to me
that's just the way that it goes
they all talk and say whatever
it doesn't matter once you put it all together
from what I've seen, it's still nothing to me
that's just the way that I felt